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address: Drieňová 38, 821 02 Bratislava

Scope of services

X- ray examination

Intraoral snaps, bitewing snapping OPG , CT by the most sophisticated system CBCT Morita made (Japan). All these examinations carried out for delegated patients from other doctors.

Initial examination

Its composed of a thorough examination of teeth, prosthetic works state, parodont state. We take steps from X- rays examination. We check state of mucosis and mouth cavity and PBI, CPITN index setting. A great attention is paid to tratment plan composition an a client is introduced various treatment alternatives with respect to his/her aesthetics, time and financial requirements.

Dental hygiene

Is granted at the highest possible level and it is always consuted by a doctor who supervises the treatment, he runs it , watches and checks ill parodont treatment.

Conservative dntistry (Decays tretment)

Our employees have accessible the most modern equipment and they provide conservative treatment from the simplest fillings to inlay treatment of ceramics.

Aesthetic treatment

We use all accessible technics in our premises for improvement of non- perfect image of a client from „red aesthetics“ by corrective operations on gums through aesthetic phasets from resin to ceramic phasets and tiny crowns. In case of client ́s requirement and after is training in indicated cases we carry out whitening of teeth. We carry out implementation decorative gems into teeth.

Prosthetic treatment

For compensation of lost teeth use all available techniques to improve the imperfect (defective) client appearance of “red” aesthetic correction operations through the gums aesthetic veneers of resin to ceramic veneers and crowns. The implant treatment takes care contracting work in another, surgically oriented clinic.

Children dentistry

Our employees deal with children patients specifically. We care about children ́s teeth systematically in various preschool premises where we carry out „Healthy smile“ project without being paid.

Surgical dentistry

One from us is the holder of dentoalveolar surgery setificate which is dealt with in our premises to . Root canal recections and some parooperations are carried out by microsurgical technics.


The patients with parodont illness are given a great attention and individual dealing in cooperation with our dental hygienists. We have perfect results in this field and tens of years we preserve the teeth being ready for „extraction“. We are mucogingival surgery certificate holders.

Endodontics – treatment of root canals

Our special branch has been dealing with dental operation microscope since 2005 where the patients delegated from various dentists are treated too.


All potential painful attempts are carried out after consulation with the client at local anesthesis. In case of need we are capable of ensuring the treatment of a patient in a complete anesthesis.


We closely cooperate with an implantologist. We carry out 3D planning of Implants placing on the basis of 3D diagnostics.


We closely cooperate with a jaw orthopedist.