Why should you become our patients?

Our dental surgery is positively valued also for pleasant and cosy environment, personal attitude, quality and precise dental care for all members of your family since your birth up to your high age. It is suitably located in greenery, it has barrierless access with great possibility to park your car. It is easily accessible from a number of city transport stops. The team of young doctors under leadership of the experienced expert, offers you a perfect diagnosis with a help of the most modern diagnostic equipment, e.g. intraoral x-ray, practically in every surgery, the top Japanese CBCT machine as well as a number of other aids. We grant you a complex dental care dentoalveolar surgery, dental hygiene, periodontology, periodontal surgery, children´s dentistry and dental prosthetics.


The great attention is given to a composition of a cure plan and a client is always shown various alternatives of treatment with respect to his (her) esthetic, time and financial requirements. Only well informed patient can value the way of given treatment. Our surgeries are equipped with the most modern technological gadgetry and we use the most quality materials at top world level.
Dental laboratory is a part of our company, it is equipped personally and technologically at world level. It offers overstandard precise and individualized products of dental prosthetics at a very wide range of performances.
If you are taken aback by something unexpected at night, you have a third unit of our company at your disposal- Medical Services of First Aid. The experienced team of mainly young surgery educated doctors will give you a qualified treatment, every time by night, on holidays 365 days a year! The team also uses the most modern diagnostic and therapeutical technics of treatment. They have gadgetry and materials as the other different surgery has. The impact is given to professional attitude, modern gadgetry and a maximum satisfaction of a patient