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Basic dictionary

  • abscess - acute inflammation accompanied by swelling and creation of pus
  • anesthesia- removes casual pain at performance
  • apex locator- device for exact measurement of root length at root canal
  • pulpitis- inflammation of tooth pulp
  • endodontics -root canal treatment (primary without former treatment)
  • reendodontics- root canal treatment at already treated tooth
  • extraction – extraction of tooth
  • hemiextraction- removal of one root of more rooted tooth with leaving another one where tiny crown is made without leaving to preparate (irreversible removal of a significant amount of tooth structure next teeth
  • implantate – “shooting out tooth” scrub with replaces root of extracted tooth
  • filling – filling of tooth
  • amalgam filling - silver filling (black filling)
  • photocomposite, ceramic filling - “white filling”
  • temporary filling – temporary filling of tooth
  • root overconstruction – solid filling of tooth anchored at root with replaces missing crown part of tooth or makes it tight existing part of tooth under crown
  • gingivitis – inflammation of gums
  • periodontitis marginalis acuta – inflammation of gums
  • periodontitis apicalis – inflammatory process at the tip of root.
  • periodontitis – inflammation of hanging apparatus of teeth, gums and bone
  • bridge – fixing replacement, so called tight replacing extracted tooth anchored at neighboring teeth covered by crowns
  • replace prosthesis – prosthesis replacing more missing teeth, mainly it is not possible to replacing teeth by fixed prosthesis
  • full (complete) prosthesis - replacement by all teeth row
  • metal ceramic crown – white crown with metallic core covered by ceramic material
  • full ceramic crown – crown made from ceramic material
  • phasette crown – metallic crown with front white phasette biting ang rear  one are metalic
  • full metalic crown – crown in color of gold of silver one